Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Triumph of Fanny

This is a cartoon I did almost a year ago for Kirsty Stonell Walker to celebrate her discovery of Fanny Cornforth's final resting place, thanks to her magnificent detective work and loyalty to this misunderstood muse of Dante Gabriel Rossetti's. (If you missed the excitement last year, read about it here in this article from The Guardian.) All this week, Kirsty has been hosting a Fanny-versary on her blog The Kissed Mouth.

The idea for this cartoon of Fanny as a valkyrie, accompanied by winged battle wombats (with cake, of course) was a group effort in a Facebook discussion thread during this time. There was also this quick cartoon done at the same time, which refers back to an older cartoon I did for Kirsty:
William Michael Rossetti

Friday, February 26, 2016

Wombat Friday (Inked)

                                                You know it's that time again!
This is is the newly inked version of my sketchbook cartoon. And  once more, if you don't know what Wombat Friday is, head over here! And especially here, where it all began.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

The (Mis)adventures of Skater Morris

Because you demanded more Skater Morris! (No, you didn't, but let's just pretend you did...) Here is a sketchbook series of cartoons I did quite awhile ago which strangely hadn't made it to this blog yet, with the exception of the very first one.

Edward Burne-Jones, William Morris' best friend, notoriously sketched cartoons of Morris having "mishaps" for as long as they knew each other. It stands to reason that Topsy was aware of Ned's poking fun at him and tolerated it. Morris was a jolly fellow, after all.

The original idea of "William Morris On a Skateboard" came from Kirsty Walker's husband, Duncan, making a comment about Morris-patterned skateboards.
                         Which led to... well, this.

Some examples of Ned exploiting Topsy for his own amusement:

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fun with Top and Jane

                        By request, I added my Jane/Rossetti/Top "love triangle" cartoon to Redbubble.

                                                Make that a love quadrangle. (With added Topsy.)