Sunday, April 29, 2012

Character Sketches: The Brotherhood

This is the inked version of Rossetti, Hunt and Millais, based on the very first Pre-Raph cartoon sketch I did. Which is this:

This is the extremely rough drawing I did, trying to come up with looks for the boys. You can see, floating around the page, little diagrams of face-shapes, eyes and noses (!)

I looked at old photographs and portraits to try to see what their most prominent features were.

For instance, Rossetti had these giant, heavy-lidded eyes:

Rossetti, painted by William Holman Hunt.
With eyes big enough to be in a
shoujo manga comic...

"Raine, I will personally come over and pose for you...
Shall we say, sevenish?"
Rossetti, photographed by Lewis Carroll.
(That in itself is a cartoon waiting to happen.)
And Holman Hunt had a small pug nose and deep grooves in his face, along with an intense, furrowed brow... 

"Oy vey. A cartoon. Grrrreeeaaaat..."

But he had a great lionish head of hair.
Millais was the tallest of the Pre-Raphs, had that insanely curly head and never grew any other facial hair in his life aside from those fuzzy muttonchop sideburns. He was also very proud of his nose.

Sideburns in progress. Another profile photo.
What a surprise...

Hold that thought! We have a three-quarter pose, folks!!

Coming up next: We meet some of the Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood!

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