Sunday, May 6, 2012

Character Sketches: The Sisterhood

The Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood inked.  (See my previous post for information about these ladies and some pictures of what they looked like... )

This is the original drawing from my sketchbook:

I "ink" using Micron Pigma pens and acrylic gouache (with small round watercolor brushes, usually anywhere from #0 to #2 in size)
Great Japanese waterproof, archival pens, beloved of comic book artists.

Waterproof gouache!! Edward Burne-Jones would have loved this stuff! Maybe if it had been invented in his day, the first version of "Love Among the Ruins" wouldn't have gotten... well, ruined.

(A hapless museum worker tried to "clean" Burne-Jones' painting, thinking it was done in oils. It was obliterated and poor Ned was forced to do a second version.)

                                         Coming up next: Stunners!

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