Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, Susan!

       Just sharing  a cartoon I drew for my friend Susan Turner's birthday several weeks ago.
             (She lives in  Australia and has been known to send me silly wombat pictures...)

                                          (Pictured: Rossetti and Top the Wombat.)


  1. Hi Raine, I did post a comment on an earlier blog but don't know if it gets flagged up as I'm not sure how blogs work so posting this again. I really love your sketches and you have been instrumental more than once in making me laugh out loud in the Public Library! They would be great on t-shirts, calico eco-bags and postcards, you should approach Tate Britain and V&A, such original work deserves to be out there. And a book when there's enough. All the best, Moyra

  2. Hi, Moyra!
    Thanks for your kind comments and sorry for making you laugh in the library. :) While I don't know if the Tate or the V&A are ready for the likes of me, lol , I do have some cartoons currently on Cafe Press, with more hopefully to come...

    ...Thank you for asking!